Integrated Direct Marketing: Old idea turbocharged

Since the beginning of advertising time, brands have fought for the attention of their audience from multiple angles. You know, seeing a Calgon, "take me away" TV ad, getting a coupon flyer in the mail, a full-page "take me away" magazine ad, radio commercials, a huge, seductive billboard. You get the idea. Brands have always bought access for frequency with the ultimate goal of capturing the consumer's heart and dollars.


In the last decade or so, social media eyeballs and the added benefit of measurable data, made the multi-channel marketing strategy quite a bit more flexible and targeted. Today's data/digital monitoring even allows companies to make decisions midstream, potentially saving money or shifting spend where it can make more impact.

Companies recognize what this can do for business growth and usually have some form of integrated marketing program in play at all times, usually some combination of email marketing, social posts, Google AdWords campaigns, and/or trade ads. Some programs effectively use the combination of traditional direct mail, email, text, and social. All of this is so powerful and beyond what a company could have imagined twenty years or so ago.


The challenge becomes how to manage it all and make the most of the potential power, as well as, understanding which combination is best for any given company.

Critical decisions need to be made based on budget, bandwidth and projected goals. Some companies have internal talent to help with website content and feeding the social media beast. Some have that plus outside help via a digital marketing agency and other outside vendors to help keep it moving.


No matter how its sliced up at the end of the day, it doesn't necessarily need to be rocket science. For all the things that remain the same, multi-channel marketing today can mean you have the tools to handle it all within the same platform, making realtime decisions and have total control on the progress of any given marketing program.


All things never really being equal, having the right mix of marketing channels is key, but so is good, consistent branding and diligent monitoring of all the data. Having a partner that takes away the burden of implementing and managing can be a good way to maximize the marketing budget. Xtra Mile Creative has some very cost-effective ways to work with companies to turbocharge their marketing efforts. We work with companies and organizations to either start from the beginning or improve their existing program. Contact Michael at to learn more.

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